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"Paranoid Mass" A year of Covid-19 and too much internet.

Over the past year and a half, we have all suffered from long slow days staring at our phones looking for the slightest bit of stimulation. This is the new normal in a post Covid-19 world. However, for some users of the internet they never put that phone down!

We noticed a sharp rise in outrageous statements and Alex Jones style conspiracy theories flooding our news feeds and would find ourselves diving down into the world of echo chambers and mass hysteria! With the world around us falling apart at the seems and the news belting out the loudest person on Twitter's views as "facts" we decided that something needed to be done to counter this narrative.

This is where 'Galaxy Brain' comes in...

We wanted to capture the energy and frustration of arguing with the misinformed minority and write a single to blast out at full volume to silence the varying sources of crazy we saw around us!

The imagery of the artwork captures the caged in feel of 2020 lockdown but we wanted something more detailed and specific to the feeling of hitting your head against the wall. So we asked our friend Jonny Packham (insta @japes) to design something sick, and he delivered!!

Jonny's creative style reminded us of Tony Hawk's American Wasteland and made us want to sticker slap this across Leeds. He managed to incapsulate the theme of the track and the feeling you get when confronted by Karen in Aldi claiming Bill Gates is injecting us with 5G to keep tabs on us.

Stay Woke.

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